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Uninterruptible Power Supply

FSP provides full range of products to solve all types of power problems you may face include transients, brownout, sag (under voltage), surge (over voltage), wave-from distortion, voltage fluctuations, and frequency variation. It makes your power never ends and bring you big convenience.

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Nano Series

The Nano UPS provides comprehensive protection in a small and economic package. It is perfect for any home or small office application.

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NanoFit Series

A compact size  off-line UPS with LCD, USB port & RJ-45 surge protector to provide the expected backup power for home, gaming or personal appliances.

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ECO Series

The ECO series UPS is wall-mount design with cold start function, it also equips with USB port.

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FP Series

FP Series UPS provides stable and reliable power protection. It is ideal for PC users or small business companies, as well as for small telecom applications.

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iFP Series

The iFP series is equipped with AVR to reduce the impact of unstable voltage on equipment. The intelligent UPS’ functions can also provide power during outages, and the battery automatically charges when power is restored.

FSP UPS Eufo 1-3K +Battery

Eufo Series

FSP Eufo Series is sinewave USP, Rack & Tower with easy-shift LCD design. Moreover, the Hot-swap Batt. offers low MTTR and the efficiency is up to 97% for more energy saving.

On-Line Single Phase
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Champ Tower Series

Economy tower UPS with easy-to-use interface and adjust battery number. It adapters flexibly to your project budget.

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Champ Rack Series

Champ Rack series is the best option for small business server room. The adjustable battery number adapts your budget better.

FSP UPS Eufo 1-3K +Battery

Custos 9X+ Series

Professional on-line UPS with hot-swappable battery to lower MTTR and programmable outlet for IT personnel to manage power. The application is suitable for networking, telecom, server and mission/critical applications.

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Clippers Series

Premium featured on-line UPS with special design firmware to adapt various applications and also functions to increase reliability.

On-Line Three Phase
epos 3-1, 10-20

EPOS 3/1 Series

EPOS 3/1 series is reliable 3 phase in / 1 phase out standalone UPS with features like dual-input, EPO and it’s also compatible with long run time project.

epos 10-80

EPOS 3/3 Series

EPOS 3/3 series is reliable 3 phase in/out standalone UPS with features like dual-input, MBS, EPO and it’s also compatible with long run time project.

EPOS 3_3 Pro Series

EPOS 3/3 100KL-200KL

EPOS series is reliable 3 phase in/out standalone UPS with features like dual-input, MBS, EPO and it’s compatible with long run time project.


Mplus Series

Mplus series is a modular design to decrease MTTR & increase the system reliability. Very easy to extend the power up to 300KW.


XMOD 40K - 60K

XMOD series modular UPS is standard 19” modular, scala-ble, hot-swappable, online double conversion UPS ranging from 10-60kVA with flexible configuration of 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1, the compact and high-power density structure is convenient to integrate with ICT equipment to be the ideal choice for small and medium data center.

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