Smarter and Easier UPS Management Software

FSP Monitoring Software

FSP UPS can be monitored with 3 kinds software, Viewpower, Viewpower Pro & SNMP web manager. Each one is with its feature and can be connected with specific UPS communication slots. Below table is a simple comparison to view which one is the suitable option.

Viewpower Viewpower Pro SNMP web Manager Shutdown Wizard
UPS Communication Options RS-232 Yes Yes No NA
USB Yes Yes No
RS-485 No Yes No
SNMP No Yes Yes
Key Functions Shutdown OS Yes Yes No NA*
Centralized management No Yes No
Remote control Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Machine Shutdown - Hyper-v Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Machine Shutdown - ESXi Yes (only SSH) Yes (only SSH) Yes (only SSH) No
Operating system Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac Yes Yes Yes Yes

*NA: shutdown wizard requires Viewpower or Viewpower pro to detect shoutdown conditions

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