“When we are considering a purchasing, cost is a very important factor. However, some people consider purchasing cost only. For consumer products, usually it’s enough to consider purchasing cost. For UPS, it’s another story, we need to consider TCO, Total Cost of Ownership. TCO is the total cost when you use the product, including the cost you pay to get the product, and the cost you pay when use it. When using a pen till end of its life, we don’t need to pay significant money or time to make the pen work. Therefore, the TCO is almost the purchasing cost. UPS is different. After purchasing a UPS, you need to pay money and time for installation, maintenance, and energy.

Clippers series is a premium featured online double-conversion UPS with Rack/Tower design and high efficiency to reduce customer ‘s TCO (total cost of ownership). The internal hot-swappable battery increases system reliability and reduces MTTR; the parallel function is designed for future equipment expansion. “