That’s EPO. Once you understand it, you will know when and how to use it directly. As we know, UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply, that means it is always supplying power to your load, even if the mains is off. In some special cases, you may want to turn off the UPS to make sure no power is left under an emergency condition. In this case you need EPO. For example, when firing at a room without UPS, the first thing is to turn off the electricity power to make sure no further risky point to get fire, and make sure people won’t get electric shock when extinguishing, especially by using water.

When UPS is installed, you can not turn off the main switch on the distribution panel to cut off power. Instead you have to turn each UPS off. If you have several UPS’s not in the same room, it’s really challenging to turn off all UPS in seconds. EPO is designed for this scenario. Connecting the EPO signal makes you turn off UPS immediately remotely. Connecting several EPO’s of UPS’s in different rooms to one place, you get the possibility to shutdown all these UPS’s in one second.