• Basically we do not suggest inductance load, such as the devices with motor and the devices with high peak power consumption to connect to UPS. The reason is such devices draw much high current instantaneously, and it can be several times than the power shown on the device, and it might cause the UPS to get into protection mode and turn off the output. For example, Brother HL-2130 user manual shows instantaneous peak power approximate 1,056W, printing power 421W, ready mode power 62W. The instantaneous peak power is more than two times of the printing power. For many other laser printers, the label and user manual show printing mode power only. When surveying UPS, the user confuses usually.
    Thanks to Clippers special firmware design, it’s allowed to set ” External output isolation transformer connection” enabled. With this setting, Clippers is suitable for laser printer, ultrasound devices , and such kind devices with peak power. However, it still needs to care about the peak power of the load.